Progress with Prudence . . .

These encouraging words came from

Perseverance: Write daily

Trust: Don’t wait for creativity, expect it

Prudence: Have the good sense to know when not to write. Forcing writing when you just can’t get into it will foster resentment and make the next session hard to start

Time away?

Fairness: Don’t engage in self-flagellation for not writing

Sustainability: Finish the current project before moving on to a new one

Adventurousness: Try different genres, styles of writing etc

Initiative: Don’t wait to be praised and be original

Studiousness: Read daily – a writer is always absorbing and learning

Fastidiousness: Research everything.

Zeal: Do what makes your heart sing.

Now the one that most intrigued me and thrilled me, was Prudence. Partly because that is my name (never was a child so wrongly named but I guess my parents lived in hope) and partly because EVERY thing I have read on writing is that you keep writing no matter what.  Just write yourself through that block, through that moment of utter hatred for every syllable of text in front of you.  I love that at last someone is saying its okay to stop if you need to.

My theory is this.  Whether you are a swimmer, an athlete, a trapeze artist, a chess-player or an embroiderer, even an explorer or a scientist – are you going to be any better for slogging through the down days?  Is there not the risk of complete and utter burnout which may culminate in pure hatred for whatever craft you pursue and the demands of that craft?

I have just taken 2 months off after writing and editing solidly for three years.  Sure I have dabbled in the word, but I have not touched the finished manuscript or the work in progress.  I didn’t want to, I didn’t like any of it and needed to do other things.

Time away by the sea

Today, for the first time, my manuscript wandered into my mind and I didn’t throw it out.  I found I had come to quite a significant decision, or at least my subconscious had.  It was an amazingly positive thing.  I shall pick up the threads in the next few weeks and work on, but it was so re-assuring to see that Prudence has its place.