Vampires and vines in miniature . . .

I’ve not been able to get into the vampire in literature thing.  Not in any way.  Whilst I enjoyed the splendour of the Masked Ball in Van Helsing, much of the rest of dracule-infested life left me for dead, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Although in A Thousand Glass Flowers, my protagonists battled in one chapter with the terrible winged Strigoi Mort who are in fact dracules from Eastern European folklore.  That is my sole adventure along such haunted night-time paths.

But my dear friend Pat, artist extraordinaire has just created a Vampire Hunting Kit in miniature. Go to her blog and read her detailed journey of the creation. (

Whilst this exceptional little piece won’t  turn me into a vampire lover, it has certainly given me an idea . . . if Pat made a similar kit for the wine-lover with flavours and bouquets in bottles, a corkscrew  and little books on the art of tasting and maps of the Bordeaux etc . . . now that I would really dive into.  But in the meantime, I want to know how Pat found such tiny bottles, such miniature knives and crosses and did she make the tiny bible and so much more.  Her imagination is quite astonishing . . . and enviable.