Prizes galore . . .

The world of Eirie

Wonderful prizes for the Masked Ball on May 1st . . . each of the competitions on the night will have a beautiful prize:

Patricia has donated superb miniature pocket globes and maps from Bo Press’s studio.  Rebecca has donated beautifully bound and crafted books and journals from Rebecca Bingham’s studio  and I am offering a set of the novels, plus silk embroidered reticules and other ephemera.  Have  a look at the display and hopefully it will entice you to take part.

Pat based the designs of the map and the terrestrial globes on the world that she read about in The Stumpwork Robe and The Last Stitch and these are limited edition pieces from a highly sought-after miniature artist.

Rebecca’s pieces come from the hand of a master binder and book artist and are made from the finest paper and leathers.  She is also offering artist’s books and handmade cards.

And I am donating some of my stitchery which is the other thing I do when I’m not writing.  The black reticule and tiny framed picture are stumpwork and the rest are just free-form embroidery of my own design.

Together the three of us are also donating a CD of symphony music with an Italian slant from composers like Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Rossini, Verde, Paganini and Tchaikovsky.

We hope the sight of these goodies will whet your appetite enough to want to create some great short contributions for the competitions.

More housekeeping on the Masked Ball later . . .