Its a good day, halloo, hallay!

Some days are meant to be good.

From Facebook Fairy Tales

Woke this morning with a blooded eye, wondering why I chose to punch myself in my sleep.  This later developed to a migraine . . . I have no pain, no nausea, just visual disturbance  . . . split images, venetian blind effects, sometimes barely any vision at all.  But half an hour later, with some treatment, it was all gone and I was able to sit at the computer and read emails, blogs and even do some writing.  The blogs, chiefly Nathan Bransford’s ( of the last three days were damned good reading giving a succinct rundown of the most recent Amazon/Macmillan problems, also a fabulous blog on the future of the e-book, digital publishing and self-publishing which I found fascinating, especially the comments from readers. I experienced some sort of vindication for flying with the independent with my first two novels.  Mr. Bransford implied that those outside the maintream, who have had to pedal harder under water (my words), may, together with a knock your socks off ms, have the edge in this e-book battle and may indeed make an impression with the mainstream publishers. I really loved this because an agent last year basically called me out over my decision to POD with  My confidence took a hell of a hiding, despite the fact that the year has been exciting, inspiring, full of growth in both writing and marketing.

My email also presented me with news from book-trailer brother that he has put together a rough edit for me to see.  All this without me even sitting by his side as he worked.  He said he just worked mainly from my original shot-list.  He was concerned that because I wanted to break down my images to portions thereof, that there would be distortion and loss of impact, so I have no idea if that happened or if he photoshopped, or whatever was  required and managed to pull it off.  I can’t wait to see it and he’s coming to the shack tomorrow and I get to have my first gander at it.

See, a good day!

But best was that I finally got over the hurdle, the log, the giant obstacle that has been stopping me from progressing the WIP.  It just suddenly happened.  I relaxed, I spoke from my protagonist’s mind and it gelled.  Like I say, halloo, hallay!