The ‘But’ Days . . .

There was a great blog today from a guest blogger on Nathan Bransford:

Worth reading because it lists all the excuses people use not to write.  I know I’m a victim of the ‘but’ days.  There’s too much housework, I need to do some cooking, I’m needed on the farm, or worst of all . . . I can’t be bothered today!

One of the buts listed was not having a writer’s group close by and funnily, perhaps expeditiously, that is the one thing that doesn’t worry me at all.  I write in a vacuum.  No one sees my WIP until I upload the odd chapter to the forthright writer’s site to get a feel for the development of the work.  This is better for me than a writer’s group.  None of us really know each other so the reviews are generally pretty damned honest as we aren’t afraid of stepping on toes.

Back to the vacuum then until it goes to the Consultancy in the UK who assess it. Then the really hard work of a year or more begins as they pull it apart and I have to sew it back together again.  Sometimes the critiques can reduce me to tears BUT I soldier on regardless, because I want to be A WRITER!

I want to write today too BUT . . .

Seal (or is it a selkie) swimming where we dive.

the sun shines and the water is calm and palest turquoise and it is a diving and swimming day.  Yes, okay, I’ve fallen into the trap.  BUT who cares?  Sometimes life is just for living.