Breaking backs.

I think I might have broken the back of the edit.  I have addressed every point the editor reported and now want to print off the ms into hard copy and read it as per a book but with a red pen in hand.  I imagine, that with good luck and a fair wind, I shall have finished and be ready to send it back to London for final comment by the end of next week.  Marketable or not.  Waiting for the answer will be excruciating.

After watching an episode of In The Night Garden, my dose of calm and equilibrium for the evening, I have decided that to escape over the ocean while I wait for an answer is the way to go.  Just me and Upsy Daisy, maybe Iggle Piggle and the Tombliboos,


Pinky Ponk


all in the Pinky Ponk as it floats on clouds of what seems to be expressed air (farts in more commonplace language).  We shall fly over my little bay outside the window and I shall watch the boats and the gulls, the dolphins and the divers.  We shall fart and dip over Maria Island and return on the crest of a sea-breeze and I shall have ditched my anxiety, like so many farts and noxious ballast, and be ready for as straight an answer as London can give me.