Why mesmered?

Why mesmered? I need to explain the meaning of the word . . . a meaning you won’t find in any dictionary.


Mesmer is a form of enchantment used by the fey. No shouted spells, no wands flashing. Just a smooth glissade of the hand across the air, almost indetectable. Whatever the mesmerer wants to happen happens. It could be sending someone to sleep, or stopping a dagger in mid-flight and turning it on itself so it begins a return journey to the thrower, remorseless in its progress. Or it could be as fatal as the death-mesmer: – on the swipe of a hand, there is a silvered sound as if a sword is being withdrawn from a scabbard. A swish through the air from nowhere and a fatal thrust . . . always fatal. The fey don’t often use this as they aren’t essentially a violent race, merely a race of individuals who are forever looking for entertainment with no thought for those they may injure in the process. Compassion is an undeveloped emotion in most of the fey.

So . . . back to the question. Why mesmered? Because I hope as you read The Stumpwork Robe and The Last Stitch, you will find yourself enchanted by the story of the embroiderer and her lover, of their friends, of their journey through the world of the fey that changes their lives beyond recognition. I hope you will be mesmered by the sumptuous settings and surroundings, that the world of Eirie will claim you as one of its own.