The Slow Writing Movement…

Prior to new Year’s Eve, Joe Konrath said: This year, I’m boiling my resolutions down to the essence:



 Elizabeth Hunter  wrote: I NEED the writing. It’s still my most-fun-thing. My escape. My happy place.

I love writing and want to write more books, but they can’t happen as fast as I would like and that’s okay. In fact, that’s better than okay. It’s normal and I’m perfectly fine with that.

 And then there’s Kristine Kathryn Rusch,  a commentator whose words always hold a distinct resonance and clarity for me personally. In her annual ‘Close of Business for the Year’ address she pointed out a couple of salient things…

‘The new world isn’t actively hostile, but it is difficult. And why shouldn’t it be? We’re working on an international level.

But one of the degrees of difficulty we’ve been dealing with since 2009 is that the new system hadn’t stabilized yet. Things changed, sometimes weekly, and those of us who jumped into indie publishing from the beginning were constantly revising expectations as well as ways of doing things.’

I joined the new world of publishing along with some of my closest writing friends, in 2008. We were published POD by an organization in the UK that was government funded with an annual Arts grant. We sold, we did well. But then we stepped out on our own and by 2010, dived into e-books.

Not just diving in I might add, but swimming whole marathons because the industry was mega-populated and the technology seemed to change by the hour…

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