A writer’s glamorous life … or not…

As with most of my fellow writers, I met Ginger Myrick online at a Facebook place called English Historical Fiction Authors. Ginger has a fresh attitude to life and a great sense of humour and it’s a pleasure to host her today. Be sure and have a look at her new book – it’s a ‘run, don’t walk’ purchase!


When Prue so generously offered to host me on her website, I asked her what sort of post she had in mind. She encouraged me to write about any “unique stories to tell about the journey to write this book – things that happened during the research, life interfering, funny stories, something that shows Ginger Myrick the writer has a really relaxed side …” As far as my relaxed side, I’m not so sure it exists, but on the subject of life having the capacity to interfere with my writing, that proverbial cup runneth over.

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