SoS 19/12/20

As Fred has said, this will probably be the last SoS from some of us because of Christmas at the end of the week. Just a bit busy…

Let’s start with a broader shot. The purpose of the shot is to show one of the old drainage ditches that criss-cross our orchard. They also run down either side of the main garden. The gentleman who built our garden and cottage was very conscious that the soil was clay and on the edge of a network of deep springs, all sitting at the bottom of a rocky group of hills which sheets water and so therefore the property would have been prone to flooding. These ditches acted like a mini-Venice back in the days before climate change. We see them do their thing occasionally after heavy rain and always thank the stars they are there.

The rest of the pics are from the herb garden because summer food from our garden needs to sing with fresh herbs. I use the River Cottage Veg Book as the bible through summer and herbs are Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s mainstay. Rosemary is consistently in demand but it so badly needed cutting back and I left it far too late. I thought it might die, but it’s throwing some new shoots which is heartening.

Leaves of red Swiss Chard are always torn apart in salads.

I’ve also planted a lovely rich burgundy Asian herb called Shiso or red leaf perilla which I can’t wait to use for Asian salads and stir-fries.

I was surprised to find the borage was flowering with white/palest ice blue flowers instead of the normal rich French blue. Does anyone think there’s something missing in the soil?

And finally, I found this gorgeous variegated sage and had to buy it. It’s probably too pretty to use in cooking and it actually looks a twin of the variegated apple mint.

And that’s it from me.

A quick note to thank Jon so much for providing such an excellent vehicle for escape for us all during a pretty ordinary year.

Stay safe and well, everyone, and hopefully we can all talk gardens again after Christmas.