SoS 9/5/20

Here we are again! It’s astonishing to think how quickly the week goes as one day rolls seamlessly into another so that days even lose their names at this current time.

My lot for this week are a bit odd, starting with my moonboot and exercises. I’m still gardening though, with difficulty, but the moonboot comes off on Monday evening, so it will be service as usual (although a bit of a hobble). A de-lamination of the calf muscle at the intersection of the Achilles tendon with a bit of a bleed at the intersection about 3 weeks ago. Gardening’s amazing therapy though.

Second image is my third order for tulips. A mix of the standard orange, white and black for my white garden, with some parrots thrown in because I love their ruffles and exuberance.

Third is a latent sweetpea. No one has told it that we’re entering winter. But I love it for its courage.

Fourth is a series of pics of yesterday’s re-potting of my growing collection of auriculas.

(I didn’t have any broken shards or rocks to place in the bottom of the pots but had a massive pile of shells my dog collects from the beach. Hammered nice sized pieces!)

It’s technically not the right time in Australia but I spoke to the breeder of my little collection and she said she often re-pots whenever she has time and to give it a go. I followed her instructions and placed the plants back in their usual spot, but think that come the heavy frosts of winter, I might need to put them under cover – into the tiny cold-frame or some such. I don’t have a glasshouse (I’m working on it…).

Finally (no sixth today) – an amber view of the long border.

Please enjoy all the gardens on SoS from around the world. Go to The Propagator and have a great day!