“ “20/20” means “perfect vision”. Eye doctors measure people’s vision using two numbers. If the first number is low, your vision is good. If it’s high, you aren’t able to see well…”

 So let’s take that a step further to envision what 2020 AD could be like with 20/20 vision.

IMO, it’d be first and foremost that politicians ceased scratching the backs of the multinationals, to the detriment of our environment, our world. Maybe also, that instead of voting bi-party reps into positions of power, voters might use 20/20 vision and vote in independents. Those who are visionary, who think outside the square, who are less likely to be corrupted by pressure group politics.

Maybe 20/20 will see the world really step up to fight climate change instead of mouthing off about it. Maybe Australia, after burning itself almost to death, will stop being mealy-mouthed and put its money where that mealy-mouth is.

Maybe, Australia might plant trees, initiating its own one billion trees programme, like New Zealand. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/funding-and-programmes/forestry/one-billion-trees-programme/about-the-one-billion-trees-programme

Maybe my country, maybe even all wealthy western democracies will support the underdog, the underprivileged, become more socially aware.

Maybe farmers will be given a go. Don’t ever forget that we grow your food!

Maybe, maybe, maybe…


So what’s my plan for 2020?

Well to stay healthy, preferably. So I can help my husband plant trees on the farm, hundreds of them.

So too that I can garden – make even more green space.

Travel as locally as I can. Save on airmiles because plane flight is a significant contributor to environmental issues.

Become a vocal protester. More than I am, because I want a healthy world for my grandson.

More esoterically – take joy in each day. From the little things – the dog, the flowers that bloom, soup made from my own vegetables. Jams, pickles and so forth – all homegrown.

Enjoy my grandson.

See my kids content.

On a daily practical level – stay fit (keep up the walking and the ballet), eat naturally.

Write (finish the first in the new historical fiction trilogy)

(Written in my little beach notebook yesterday – 700 words whilst in the shade of a boobialla)

Stitch – finish the silk version of Jenny Adin-Christie’s pheasant.

Finish Margaret Light’s Nigella and Honesty in my choice of colours.

And finish stitching 200 hearts for #1000Hearts by the end of summer, and deliver to places where kindness is required. This single project has been instrumental in defining my own compassion and loving kindness.

And finally, breed contentment…


I don’t believe in NY Resolutions. Not sure I believe in NY either. It’s merely a number when all is said and done.

But I like to have a plan for the way I live. And the above is a rough guide.

Wishing you a wonderful year. Health and contentment to all.