Black and Beautiful – SoS 23/11

I’ve got a basically white garden and tend to accent mostly with blacks or close-to-blacks, even the odd grey or slate grey.

So here’s my few for this week’s SoS from our little Matchbox Garden in the city.

Spreading Petunia Midnight Gold. I was open-mouthed when I spotted this in our local hardware store. It was begging to come to my garden. Since I bought it, I’ve seen it at 3 other nurseries.

A deep burgundy almost black Primula Auricula that I acquired last week. A sturdy little thing that likes full sun.

This petite little thing is a delight and comes from a specialist nursery. I couldn’t resist it.

Fabulous aquilegia. Can’t remember the variety… you can see its not-so-subtle position in the white boxed border.

Black pansies – have been blooming for 7 months. Stirling little plants and so common but sometimes common means robust and and reliable!

Black iris – been in the garden for 9 months with a white one. I’d love to synchronise the flowering but they are three weeks apart and the white one’s done and dusted.

The deep magenta edge to the euphorbia just sneaks into the dark accents. And I LOVE the chartreuse flowers.

Deep edges of the ajuga also cut the mustard. But I snip the blue-ish flowers off. I’m nothing if not pedantic! 😉

And that’s it for me this week.

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