SoS 23/8/19

I haven’t done SoS for a couple of weeks as quite honestly, the garden sank into a pre-spring hiatus as our weather turned bitterly cold, windy and … wait for it … wet! We have managed to accrue some quite good falls in our area after minimal rain (what we called our Big Dry) from November. So it’s been with utter pleasure that I have watched things like tulips unfold and blossoms fill the air with their nutmeg scents in the evenings.

Today, my crocuses (Jeanne D’Arc) burst into bloom and I have posted three shots…

…including one at night when they closed up and went to sleep.

My second post is one of the white anemones. I can’t get enough of this bright and happy face open to the sun. They’re all over the garden.

Third is a Marguerite daisy, I’m unsure which variety. It’s a dwarf-type and the leaf is finer and paler than the average. But it’s so brave and stalwart and is in the worst soil and will face fierce heat in the summer. I suspect it’s a trooper.

Fourth is the first of our freesias, surely one of the loveliest fragrances in any garden. Can’t wait to fill a little vase by the bedside.

Fifth is a true sign that winter is behind us. The lawn is beginning to fill with white daisies. I love this broad-leafed weed. It copes with sparse water, heat and sun and studs the grass with little stars.

Sixth is my bipolar French lavender. It produces white flowers on the right and lavender spikes on the left. It’s in the same unfriendly clay bed as the Marguerite. And at this point in the year, the bees are enjoying an early feed.

Please check out Mr.P’s blog for a comprehensive journey through the world’s gardens. It’s wonderful weekend reading.