SoS: 20/7/19

We’ve been in the city for 10 days, but are now back in the big garden. Despite lack of water and freezing conditions, the garden has surprised us, doing things with a distinct ‘Where’s spring?’ attitude. My six might show that our garden is gradually waking from winter (such as winter was…)

Firstly Tulip Virichic (Tulipa hybrida) which will apparently ‘feature elegantly curved bright pink petals with green streaks through the middle.’ I’ve included the flashy catalogue pic to show what it’s supposed to be like and then a pic of where mine are up to. It will be interesting to see if the colour is anything like the pic. They’re only in plastic pots because they’re not white or black and don’t fit the brief. As soon as they flower, I’ll remove them into the house.

Next is this strange little orchid type ground cover that thrives in damp shade. I’m relying on the SoS folk to identify it for me as I haven’t a clue. I’ve got a feeling Jim did this for me last year and I’ve lost the paper on which I wrote the name. It’s so exotic and so healthy and I really don’t mind the way it grows and takes over. There are other plants in my garden that do exactly that and I have a ‘seek and destroy’ plan for them – acanthus is one and Japanese windflower is the other! Do you know even glyphosate won’t kill them? And yes, I know how dangerous glyphosate is…

This was a true thrill! My first ever anemone, (Poppy White, I think) first planted in tubs and then after advice from the SoS’ers about their scope, planted into the soil. It seems awfully early for flowers but other plants have buds as well.

I have no idea what this is. I suspect it came from my late mum’s garden and may possibly be a white hippeastrum but I’m not sure. I hope it is!!!!

I love this burgundy-edged euphorbia (variety unknown -hardware store purchase). The plants make a good statement in the perennial border in front of the black windbreak fence.  There’s another up the other end.

Thank heaven for French lavender flowering at this time, because there’s not much colour in the garden, although buds abound everywhere. I have no idea what its name is but it’s pretty and delicate and fits the white/black theme quite well.

And that’s it from me.  Mr. P has the usual crowd with fabulous gardens and gardening adventures. Click on the link, hop over and take a tour…