Easter Friday…

Family, food, fine weather and Easter Friday.

Staying with daughter at the other end of the island in Launceston for part of Easter, we began Friday with hotcross buns and a walk with the dogs.

Round Harry Potter Park (so-called because of the street lamps which daughter and self can imagine Dumbledore controlling with his ‘lumos’ charms)…


…past our favourite house and garden which now boasts a little street library and a dog bowl for hot days, all neatly gabled and black and white like the house itself.

Then to Josef Chromy vineyard, where the rows of vines are now autumnally golden phalanxes, regimented lines that looked astonishing against the blue sky.

Food –  panfried harpuka and pomme frites with aioli. Wine for those who could sup it (sadly not me).

I held my daughter’s bubbles and have to say that the glass fitted like a hand in a glove.

After, a wander through the gardens to the lake where the odd waterlily blooms.

Onward then to hawthorn lanes and Corriedale  studs and then home to sleep off food and sun.