Yin and Yang…

It’s strange how life is so very yin and yang.

The last few days have been filled with excitement (Huff Po pieces, radio interviews and books being re-released for i-book, Kobo and Nook etc.)

But then our beloved dear girl, our oldest Jack Russell, had a further retreat into Doggy Alzheimer’s and we knew it was time…

She was a super girl – the absolute runt of the litter, had appalling JRT conformation but she was as feisty as only a JRT can be and the only one of the litter to lick my neck when I held her. From that moment, she and I were a match made in heaven.



She loved the beach, water and swimming, she was intrepid and I found out when she was eight weeks old that she had a chronic heart defect and would live no longer than four years.


Fifteen years and two months later, she has lived every day actively, despite her bad heart, liver disease, Cushings disease, chronic arthritis and most recently, Doggie Alzheimer’s.

She had a finely honed hunter’s instinct and no bird, lizard, goanna or rabbit was safe and a number of times she disappeared on an ‘Expedition’, requiring us to spend time and effort hunting her. She was never ever apologetic about trouble caused!


But her approach to life was to live in the moment, have a long walk every day and have a swim, no matter the weather. We called it her heart-starter. Whatever the case, she lived eleven years beyond her use-by-date and I loved every minute of it.

There is such a lesson there, isn’t there?


I adored her devil-may-care attitude, her ability to walk through my garden and not leave a footprint, her damned cheek, her stoicism and her courage.



We will miss her beyond belief and had the most proper wake in her honour.


Vale my dearest little Muse, best little JRT ever…

PS. No condolences please but do send a hug up to her!