Casting Light…


Midwinter Eve – traditionally a time beset with the magic upon which our myth and legend is built. Until recently, I worked as a fantasy writer and my life revolved around creatures like the Gan Ceanach, the Caointeach or the Ban Nighechain who were particularly active at the darkest times of night. It was even considered a time when we as humans could pass through the curtain between us and the fey life.

This post is meant to be shedding light upon the dark, and my historical fantasies could do that – they could beguile you, light your torch, take you on a dangerous dancing journey led by the flickering golden illumination of the Teine Sidhe.


But here, where I live, it is midsummer. Whilst you in the north celebrate the longest night and the shortest day, we are celebrating the longest day and the shortest night.

So how do I shed light on your dark?

I think the best way is to give you some of our light, just for this day.










The images are taken from an island, Maria Island (pronounced like Mariah Carey).

It’s not far from House and is where we spend a lot of time in all seasons bar winter. It’s small, inhabited only by a ranger, seasonal walkers and boaties and has an eccentric history beginning with our original Australians through colonial convict settlement, on to later odd business developments that all failed, to now being a World Heritage site. I am sure you can see why…

Feel free to use it to illuminate and warm your way through the rest of winter and into the burgeoning light of spring. After all we’ve got plenty of light and can share…

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