Historical Tales…

At last this wonderful anthology is available.


When I joined Inkslingers, I never thought I would be contributing two hist.fict stories to an anthology.  How does one write a meaningful short-story that is historical fiction? So I sat and played with words and two stories emerged to creep into this anthology. So did some astonishing tales by others.


This is a journey through Time  – the kind of journey you’d take with Dr.Who in the Tardis, but without the Daleks or Cybermen. Every new story represents a moment in history across the globe.

I loved being a part of it and with a father and indeed friends who have suffered from cancer, I’m delighted that all the proceeds go to Cancer Research.


RUN, DON’T WALK PEOPLE and purchase your copy!

Hours of reading for the festive season by top selling authors like Gordon Doherty and SJA Turney

Historical Tales – the title says it all.

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