Today that is…

With apologies to FAUX FUSCHIA but maybe also thanks for the inspiration as I am so lacking in same today thanks to over-relaxation, that I just followed her style.

Decided on this festive day that I would wear a Ralph Lauren skinny polo. Decided on lavender because I luff lavender 11/10.

Opened presents and luffed them all 11/10 too. I can now smell divine while I burn fragrant candles, while reading a dog-book and eating chocolate which I can stow in the camel handbag my adult children gave me.

OH made his utterly gourmet smoked salmon bruschetta which we had for lunch with white wine whilst sitting on the patio with BD.

We had the CUPCAKES OF SIN for dessert, made by my hairdresser. I luff her too but will not give her name to anyone.

In the wall border, my lily of the valley is bursting into bloom.

Whilst in the veggie garden the climbing beans have finally decided to join the rest of the edibles and show their heads above the soil.

And I live on the memory of A Thousand Glass Flowers having ranked NUMBER ONE on Amazon UK and NUMBER TWO on over the weekend. Thank you all you wonderful bookluffers who downloaded. I luff you 11/10 too!