An Affaire with Gisborne…

This weekend, I’m having the first free promotion ever of one of my books.

Gisborne: Book of Pawns which was in Amazon’s Top 100 initially on its release, is part of KDP Select on Amazon and as is to be offered free for two days.

From 12 AM on 6/30/2012 to 11.59 PM on 7/01/2012.


This is what reviewers say about the consistently FIVE STAR rated book.

* ‘(Batten) writes in 3D and surround sound, and in the very best way. There is nothing loud or obtrusive about it, but from the moment you open the book, the fascinating world of late twelfth century France and England springs up around you, with all its sounds and smells and colour. Everything is here: sweeping narrative, vivid description and fresh, living characters, ranging from the minor roles of a nun or a sea captain to villains who are only the more chilling for their originality and utter plausibility; but above all, it is the haunting story of the unforgettable main protagonists; two people who have come down in a dangerous and very exacting world, thrown together by circumstances and coming together in an attraction they cannot fight.’

* ‘… she can really create magic with words. Her rich, refined prose creates an embroidered picture full of little delightful details, stitch after stitch. This is not any fan-fiction attempt, but a historical novel, carefully and thoroughly researched as well as preciously crafted. If it is to be called fan-fiction at all, it is front-rank, de luxe.’

* ‘I simply couldn’t put it down so enthralled was I with the story and the careful character building … the author managed the suspense wonderfully. This is a true page-turner, a real rollercoaster of emotions and one that leaves you wanting for more when the last page is reached.’

* ‘Her work-smithing brings the main characters to life and we get to know them on almost a personal level. I audibly gasped as I read the last few chapters and I’m sure my heart rate went up… A wonderful and beautiful read!!!!’

* ‘Taking readers to 12th century Aquitaine and England is as much of a challenge as taking them to any fantasy world. Batten’s understanding of this world is profound, and she wears her learning lightly enough to make every potentially jarring historical fact seem natural. The flow of the narrative glides around and over the details of daily life, and illuminates the characters rather than distracting from their story. Her characters also seem products of their time, and not transplants from 1190 dressed up in Gothic costume. Ysabel’s acceptance of disasters that befall her and Gisborne’s drive to succeed under the political realities of his time reveal a strong-mindedness that must have been absolutely necessary for survival in that remote age.’

* ‘She writes carefully researched, beautiful descriptions of people and places and evokes those turbulent times in history. The book informs, enchants, and captivates, and leaves you yearning for more. I can’t wait for the sequel!’

* ‘There are twists and turns in this story – set in the 12th century – that leave the reader in some uncertainty about the possible outcome right until the end. If you love complex character building, a thrilling storyline and a touch of romance then this book is for you. I really loved reading it and can’t wait for the next part to be published.’

* Thrilling and exciting it kept me completely wrapped in the story from beginning to end. It is beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive. Guy of Gisborne, a character I’m only familiar with through the BBC TV series of Robin Hood was everything I hoped he would be and so much more. A complex and interesting character whose loyalties I was never quite sure of until the end … the suspense of it quite thrilling. And I found myself somewhat in awe of Ysabel … a feisty lady if ever there was one! A wonderful adventure that I will no doubt read again and again.’