A little while ago, my friend Corinne put up a wonderful blog post on the huge change she and her husband had made in their lives. Gone from the glitz of corporate life in Vienna to the hard life of farming in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

The other night my OH/farmer husband and I had the complete reverse.

We trotted off to a family wedding and just to show the transformation that had to be made, this is us normally:

The effort required for me to scrub up to mingling standard was HUGE!

1.30: Bath in some nice smelling oils.

2PM: Nails, cracked and broken on right hand as am right-handed everything. 45 minutes to do whatever you do to make hands smooth โ€ฆ exfoliate, that’s it! Then use cuticle oil, shape nails and paint with clear nail polish.

3PM: Wash hair. Use stuff called Morrocan Oil to smooth strands. Blow dry.

3.30PM: Put hair in whopping rollers to give body.

3.40PM: Begin facework, or what my father-in-law used to say was painting the masterpiece and what my husband says is using polyfiller! By 4 PM, the face had as much work as was reasonably possible.

4PM: Dress. The first time I have worn a dress for 12 years. My God. Itโ€™s like a wearing body armour! I slipped on the most sheer pantihose, gorgeous fine black Schiaparellis that have been in an unopened packet in my chest of drawers for 20 years. Then the pearls and finally the killer-diller shoes with toes as sharp as a stilleto. (Dagger, that is.)

Ventured out for photos and Pup immediately jumped up from behind and put claws straight through my treasured Schiaparellis. Oooh, Dog!!! Fortunately had bought another pair of very ordinary sheer tights the day before, just in case. Frantic rip-off of laddered tights and mad pull-on of new ones.

4.15: Mother arrives for me to tweak last bits of her.

4.30: Lock dogs up, race down to car, having packed:

glasses, camera, lippy, green stuff to take away the red flush I always get at functions, mints, my goodluck charm, a vintage white lawn hankie

all in a tiny clutch that is supposedly fashionable. Donโ€™t the designers realise that when one reaches a certain age, one must pack glasses at the very least? Thatโ€™s the clutch full! Mine barely closed.

The night of course was wonderful and it was really thrilling to wear red carpet clothes but like any Cinderella, everything turns to pumpkins and mice the next day and my feet would have done the Ugly Sisters proud!

PS: I managed, by judicious online shopping in NZ, London and Italy to bring in my outfit (shoes included) at $A200!