An average writer’s day…

Or should that be a writer’s average day? Ah, take it anyway you like, it doesn’t matter!

But a week or so ago, I was surfing the net and remember glancing at a post that relayed the average glamorous writer’s day and then listed their own by comparison. Can’t find where I read it (when do you ever  manage to re-locate something you read some time ago unless you immediately bookmark it?)  and as I raced around the sheepyards this week, I wondered about my own average day.

Starting at 7.30AM…

Up, ship-shape and bristol fashion to let dogs out and feed. Prepare breakfasts. (Ours too.)

Check emails, and see what business must be dealt with.

Make beds. (Ours too), dishwasher on, food list for day, sweep, vacuum (daily for dog hair).

Shop. (30mins to one hour door to pantry door)

Walk dogs, (one hour) with occasional run for self.

Lunch (rice cakes on run whilst checking Then handle email office work.

Research/write for a short while.

Ironing. (Hate basket piling up)

Prep dinner. (Ours too) and also any cooking for cake and biscuit tins.

More research, write with glass of wine whilst dinner cooks.

Dinner. (Ours too) Load dishwasher and wash any pans by hand.

Dog walk. (30 mins)

Contact with northern hemisphere.

Dogs to bed. (Sigh!)

Bath. (daydream about plot. Generally yields something)

Bed, read for 30 mins.


If wake at 3AM (seems to be a pattern), write for 30 mins until eyes heavy and go back to sleep.

Remember this is a bare framework. Add to this: farm work, garden work, mother (86 years old), normal appointments (docs, dentist’s, hair, podiatrist’s etc), and vet’s because Pup likes to experiment with danger. Socialising with my two closest friends when they and I are free.

And finally just sitting on House’s porch, smelling the sea-air and listening to the birds and waves …

Because sometimes it’s just good to shut out the world and ‘be’.