Pup grows up…

Dear Great Aunt J,

Mum says I should write and tell you ALL about what I’ve been doing lately. Well, if I told you ALL, we’d be here forever, ‘cos I’m so busy having adventures. So I’ll keep it short, cos I know you’re old and likely to fall asleep.

I am sooo excited about every day! I go for looong walks with Grandmother T and Mum and Dad and we always go to the beach and it’s so cool, cos I get to swim and chase birds and bark at Grandmother T. She’s pretty cool too for an old dude as she swims better n’ me… but I’m trying, honest! Dad says very trying. What does he mean, great Aunt J?

Me n' Grandmother T in her wading pool.

Me watching TV!

Grandmother T was a bit cranky for awhile until she got medicine for her hips and now she ‘s great and we run everywhere.

Do you know what?

I’ve moved out of home! It’s so triffic! I live with Grandmother T in the boat shed at the end of the garden and I’ve got my own apartment that Dad built me cos Grandmother T won’t let me in her bed. I’ve got a room that Dad made like a tent and it’s dark and I love crawling in at night. We watch TV with Dad and Mum in the big house till they go to bed and then Grandmother T and I go over to the boatshed and we get dogchocs on our pillows.

I swam in rockpools last week! It was FANTASTIC. The water was warm and I swam from one side to the other. Mum says I’m a legend . Dad says I am too, but he says I’m only a legend in my own lunchbox. What do you think he means, Great Aunt J? Cos’ I eat three big meals a day so my lunchbox is BIG for a Jack Russell pup.

Anyway, I gotta go. More adventures, more legends. Tell Aunt H (you know she’s my doctor) I’ll see her in the hospital on Thursday. Dad says it’ll be fun and that my testimonials will change for the better then. What does he mean, Great Aunt J?  Cos I think my testimonials are pretty good as they are!

Love and licks,


PS: I wrote this song but you can’t tell Mum, cos she’ll think I’m rude and I won’t get any doc chocs.  I wrote it on a windy day.

I got wind in my ears,

Me n' Mum n' Grandmother T after swimming in the rockpools.

I got wind in my tum and 

when it comes out, 

it comes out my bum,

cooooooosss I’m a legend.

In my lunchbox.

I reckon it’s a cool song!