Milo the Magnificent…

We often complained that Milo’s zest for life cost us money. Too many tales to relate on why that is so but it began with a fractured foreleg at eight weeks requiring plaster  and a condom to keep it dry… and then moving to this most recent tragedy.

He was, undeniably, our little six million dollar man.

A eulogy is not meant to be sad, it is meant to be uplifting and to laud the one who has died. All I want to say is that Milo was born with a clock in his brain and the vocal sounds to enunciate the time.

Time to wake up.

Time to go outside and pee.

Time for breakfast.

Time to let all and sundry know that Milo the Magnificent is not just in the building but in the world!

Time for a walk.

Time to open the oven because the oven timer is ringing.

Time to get off the phone and talk to Milo instead.

Time to put Milo in the car.

Time to take Milo out of the car.

In the beginning so much time and fifteen years later time ran out.

And so my little timekeeper –  how I will miss you and your quirky ways. But you have taught me well and i know that Time heals and that Time is too precious to waste.

To my dearest Milo: cheers!