Launch pad!

At last!

A Thousand Glass Flowers is published!

And what a celebration!

It can be purchased from

and at

And don’t forget that it will be available in print later in the year from all the online sellers and from bricks and mortar stores. More exciting news on that later.

In the meantime :

Rajeeb the Djinn has been invited to vvb 32 in California on September 7th 

I’ll also be talking with vvb32 on October 14th.

Lalita Khatoun has been invited to in the USA on Sept 7th.

Finnian, glorious and secretive Finnian, is talking with Flyhigh in Italy on September 7th  The book itself is being reviewed by Flyhigh on Sept 1st, Italian time!

I’m speaking with Shéa Mcleod in London on September 7th.

Most recently I’ve been with India Drummond and Stuart  Akin and with Amanda Leigh Cowley in the UK and CDoart in Germany. I’m about to go to Florida to speak with Barbara Silkstone on September 30th. I’m also due to speak with Wise Words in the UK this month.
I may go to West Africa to speak with Mark Williams if he’ll have me and I believe I’m due in Sydney at some point with Greg Johnston.

All those air-miles! Goodness… if only… then again maybe not, being the homebody that I am. As I chase around the world waving my novel on its way, I can’t helping thinking the title of that infamous blog Pimp my novel! describes my actions perfectly. Let’s not be coy.


To mark the occasion, I’m having a competition. On one of those ‘linked’ blogs mentioned above there will be a poem on 7th of September. If you can find the poem, and then tell me the correct author of that poem, you can win a beautiful millefiori paperweight from Murano in Venice.

Place your answers in the comments section of this post and goodluck!

And today, one copy will be gifted to a lucky reader by the Random Selector. Place your email address in the comments section of the blog!

And because I’m pretty busy helping the book on its way, this will be the final post until 8th September.

Thanks everyone!