No Ball-talk today . . .

No ball post today.  Today, Sunday in Australia, has been a superb day in my neck of the woods. One of those days where the sky is blue and the river is calm and there is an autumnal somolence that is best illustrated by the amount of time it takes a leaf to flutter to the ground on such a still day.

Husband and self went to the farm and moved stock around, prayed for a bit of rain even though we have tons of feed. (It’s what farmers do . . . pray for rain!) Moved horse into a paddock with some aged ewes for company and he calmed down; he’s been maudlin since he lost his paddock buddies, the border- leicester rams.  Those feisty fellas had to go and do what a man’s got to do with their ladies and he was bereft.  But the old girls’ woolie presence has calmed him and I am reasonably happy that he’ll be okay.

On our return, we took lunch and a drink to the deck and admired the view.  The sun was warm and I understood in an instant why sunflowers turn their faces toward the beams.  I did much the same, hoping that the Vitamin D bank in my body is stocking up for winter, rather like a greedy Squirrel Nutkin and his hoard in Beatrix Potter’s wonderful story.

As I walked the dogs later, it occurred to me how lovely it would be if winter was like today . . . warm enough for short-sleeves in the day and for a long-sleeve in the evening.  There are parts of Australia where it is just like that, but it’s a touch cooler in Tasmania and I suppose we can’t put it off forever.  But the sooner we finish the winter months the better . . . I am a summer person . . . water, swimming, boats and the beach.

But as I start planning next summer, I remember what Michael J Fox said in a recent print media article: If you have a leg in yesterday and a leg in tomorrow, you piss all over today!