Reading corner . . .

I was reading Book Blogs today and came across a list that a blogger had written: 10 Places to Read. I was staggered.  I love reading but there’s no way I could make a list of ten places in which I read.

Once, when I was younger, I could read anywhere.  At the table, in the toilet, in the car, in the sun, out of the sun, in front of TV, planes, trains and automobiles.  But I’m not young now and reading places have fined down . . . or perhaps become more refined as befits a lady of my years.

Wonderful Facebook Fairy Tales illustrations.

I read in bed of course, most often on a Saturday or a Sunday. And sometimes when the love of my life is snoring, I move into my absent daughter’s old room and read there.

At the shack (Australia’s version of the beach house or cottage), I read in the bed there.  Or on the window seat. It’s a corner seat along two windows and one looks out to the garden, one to the bay and Maria Island. It’s full of cushions and it’s a fabulous place in winter, low sun streaming in, the blues and taupes of the cushions a reminder of the beach and ocean close by.  At the shack my other favourite spot is on the sunlounge under the willows, in the middle of summer.  The trees undulate. I am concealed behind a veil of chartreuse pendules and I can hear the waves.  The chaise has a blue and white striped mattress and a raised back and between the breeze and the birds, it’s the perfect place.

Facebook Fairy Tales illustration.

And that’s it.  There is no other place.  Although, just between you and me, sitting on a toadstool with a cup of tea and someone . . . not a rabbit, not the Mad Hatter, but maybe the erudite and bookish Richard Armitage for company, well that’d  be  okay.  (

But like I said, that’s just between you and me. And by the way, the book trailer for The Stumpwork Robe is almost finished . . .