Busy by choice…

 As the day rapidly approaches for the launch of Gisborne: Book of Kings,


(to e-book in the first instance, and then print) this is how the days progress.

My chapters return from my editor in the UK in blocks of three. I make the necessary changes and save them to my master file. I have been so very lucky to date with this book – so far there have only been line-edits, no major structurals where I need to re-write pages. I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I wrote the book very slowly and really gave it a hard edit between each chapter as I transcribed from paper to computer. Plus another hard edit before I sent it to the editor. I do remember scrapping whole paras and pages as I wrote, until it flowed the way I wanted. So here’s hoping for the rest – yes, I am holding my breath.

In between editing Kings, I’m writing a little 6000 word story on a troubadour called Flori de Mazanet…

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