Bookshop Retail Therapy

JRR Tolkein

My favourite bookshop had their pre-Christmas sale tonight with wine and cheeses and lots of laughs.  I went with the best intentions to shop for others and I did . . . truly.  I bought my brother the latest Michael Connolly and I bought my daughter two wonderful books as well.  But then there was The Complete Annotated Book of Fairytales and Felicity Pulman’s Rosemary for Remembrance Rue for Repentance, Kim Wilkin’s The Autumn Castle and Sharon Penman’s Time and Chance.  And most specially Mr.Bliss . . . beautifully printed and in a dark green cloth-covered slip cover.  My altruism went out the window.  I had shopped for myself.  Hardly the spirit of giving.  But then I paid for it all with my mother’s birthday gift to me, so guilt doesn’t weigh quite so heavily.

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