Wedding fever…

I love special events.

I love the Melbourne Cup… an excuse for lovely sandwiches, bets on the races, a good hat and lots of wonderful Irish and English horses mixing with our own sterling thoroughbreds. I love Cracker Night (or I used to until the government took away the right to have wonderful bonfires and great fun). I love the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. I love celebrating the release of a new title or even the release of a friend’s new title. I love celebrating the start of lambing or if we top the market at the sheepsales. Basically I think it can be said that I’ll celebrate the opening of an envelope!

So can you imagine how I feel this week?

I grew up with the Royal Family a crucial part of my family life. My grandmother had a collection of wonderful royal books and we often sat together going through them. I think I knew the names of all the Royals before I could count.  I started my own collection of royal books and at one point had 35. But they’ve dwindled now and I only have my complete favourites. Being a horse lover, my number one is called The Queen Rides and written in 1965. It’s a wonderful photographic and text journal of the Queen and all the horses that mattered to her at that time. I’ve got books covering a cross-section of Windsor history and am always fascinated with the execution of a constitutional monarchy.  I’ve also watched the effects of the institution on the public when I’ve been fortunate enough to attend receptions attended by HM or the HRHs when they’ve visited Australia.

This latest occasion, this exciting wedding on Friday, is a special event. And one I make absolutely no apologies for anticipating with joy. We’ll have a pseudo-reception here at House. The menu is filled with bite-sized bits and pieces so that one’s other hand can hold a celebratory glass whilst one’s attention can remain on the telecast without having to worry about plates, knives and forks. I’ve made tiny wedding-cakes to finish the occasion and had thought I’d try and write ‘K’ and ‘W’ on alternate ones with a chocolate pen, so I had a practice on a spare.  But I think my creative writing might be a touch better than my cake-decorating skills. The ‘K’ looked like a fly had dipped its legs in chocolate and walked over the top of the tiny cake. I could barely manage a ‘W’!

Oh well, its the thought and the flavour that counts…

I love watching Katherine and William  together… their evident companionship, the happiness their relationship bestows. I mean who doesn’t love a love-story? But most of all,  I value that sense of hope they have perhaps not so unconsciously given a world that has suffered mining disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis and wars in the last six months. Three cheers for Kate and Wills and may they have a safe and memorable day!