The Pillowbook of Prudence . . . part 3.

Things that are elegant:

Manners.  There has to be nothing like a display of manners.  A door opened by a stranger so that one may pass through, someone saying thank you for something one may have done.  Perfect table manners.  Pulling the chair out for a woman at a dinner table.  Standing when a woman walks into the room.  ‘The less is more’ philosophy.  Chanel’s advice: always take that last look in the mirror before leaving home and remove something.  A Georgian façade.  Pointed toe shoes of impeccable quality: a Ferragamo?  Classical ballet in traditional costume.  Prix St George dressage.  Veuve Cliquot.  And finally, and above and beyond French wines and Italian shoes, the most elegant thing in the world is utter simplicity.

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