Mr. Armitage . . . again.

What treats in amongst the drech of manuscript revision, the upsets with my dogs and the copious cooking required for shearing.

Last night I sat down for my regular hit of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple on ABC-TV.  It was, of course, a repeat.  But there, lo, in a secondary role, was Richard Armitage.  The first time I watched this series a couple of years ago, I didn’t know who Richard Armitage was and so his role passed me by.  I think the production date was 2007 which may have been on the cusp of his rise.  His face had less expression lines and his voice hadn’t quite the depth of later roles.  And he was confined to a wheel-chair which reduced the expressiveness of his role even more.  Having said that, the thing that I find most fascinating is watching how he has matured as an actor.  This may well have been pre the seminal North and South.

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