Novel history

Niccolo Rising

For some reason this year, I’ve had an insatiable desire for historical fiction.  I’ve always loved the genre, ever since I was a school reader.  But the devil they say, is in the detail, and it’s the more intellectual detail I love, especially from writers of the calibre of the late and most wonderfully great Dorothy Dunnett and the most current and thoroughly popular Phillipa Gregory.  I have also enjoyed Sharon Penman, SJA Turney and Posie Graeme Evans amongst many others.  Eleanor Of Aquitaine and Henry I sit comfortably with Caesar, with  Claes van der Poele and with Francis Crawford of Lymond.  Apart from the unique plots, the height and breadth of research is what thrills me.  I try and soak up just a little bit more information each time I open the books.

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