Hate it!
It’s relentless!
My body doesn’t process heat at all.

Unless I’m swimming in the ocean or in an air-conditioned house, I’m done like a dinner!

I used to lie under the trees with the dog but at 30+ Celsius every day, forget it.

So what does one do when one doesn’t want to be outside?

There’s always writing. Always. Annie sneaks in at odd hours when the muse tickles my fancy. I write at the beach, on the window seat, in the chair in the sunroom under the air-conditioning and in bed at night.

In addition, a writer’s office work is never done – I must update my tax information!

There’s also reading.

I bought English gardening magazines today because it’s too hot for me to play in my own garden and I can lust after frost-rimed and snow-trimmed gardens. I can feel the chill, revel in it!

Maybe not the Arctic Vortex that’s hitting America at the moment. That’s a step too far. But a cool change would be rather nice.

I noticed today that some of the poplars on the highway are a limp smoky amber. Way too early for autumn but there has been no rain since Oct-Nov and weeks of super-hot days, so it’s no wonder. Even our garden willows are shedding and some branches are turning a sickly yellow. The sky is tinged with the ever-present smoke, so everything looks like a prequel to Dante’s Inferno.

But back inside – there’s always embroidery.

A needle, some woollen or silk thread, some linen fabric.

Always something challenging and fascinating to stitch. New stitches, different designs. Spreading the wings a little.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 32 degrees. A swim is de rigeur. And then, when I’m moderately cooler, I’m going to sit and chat with Annie. Who knows where that will take us?