The Triptych Chronicle: Tobias

TOBIAS_BookOne_CoverByzantium stretches a weakening grip across Eastern Europe, trying in vain to hold onto all that has made it an empire. Tyrian purple, the unique dye that denotes its power, is held under close guard by the imperial house.

However a Jewish merchant from Venice has sourced an illegal supply and Tobias the dwarf minstrel and his twin brother, Tomas, begin a dangerous journey to retrieve the purple and deliver it into the merchant’s eager hands.

But is this supply as secret as they had hoped?

Trade is cut throat, men are expendable, money is power and Constantinople provides the exotic backdrop during a time of scimitars and shadows.

This is Tobias – the story of a minstrel and a broken life…


ISBN-10: 098733056X
ISBN-13: 978-0987330567

Tobias – "This is a wonderful book: mystery, thriller, psychological and emotional exploration, and history. Prue Batten is one of the great historical novelists.", customer review