The Chronicles of Eirie: The Shifu Cloth


In a world where Others play with mortal lives, in a hidden province that survives on the backs of abducted slaves, Isabella, one of those kidnapped, sends a message woven into rare cloth made of paper and silk in the vain hope that her cousin will find it, decipher it and rescue her.

For cousin Nicholas with whose life the Fates have been playing, only time will tell if he will find her and whether what makes a curse does indeed break a curse.

This is Book Four, the highly praised and concluding story of The Chronicles of Eirie.


The Shifu Cloth – "Evocation of pity, terror, and wonder that Mythopoeia strives for, with a restraint and delicacy of touch that creates true enchantment.", customer review

The Shifu Cloth – "Batten is a wordsmith par excellence. Her use of unusual and oft archaic terms combine with her skill at sentence structure and description to provide a rich, heady read. I noted once that reading her work is like reading silk and now, five books on, that description holds all the more true.", customer review