Fiddling while Rome burns…

The Amazon burns and Brazil appears to take little interest in just what those 9500 fires will do to our planet. On Monday, Sao Paolo was reduced to a nightsky filled with choking smoke. I’ve just read a simple and easy to understand report on the Amazon fires from

I like that President Macron has called for the Amazon fires to be front and centre at the G7 talks this weekend but I can just imagine the outcome as each nation rushes to protect itself and its economic interests globally.

But Australia is not an innocent bystander. Our right-of-centre Prime Minister told the threatened Pacific Island Nations exactly what he felt about climate change at the Forum on Tuvalu recently.

I’m tired of complacency on this planet. I’m sick of corporate greed and governments toadying to corporations. I have a grandson now and I want a worthy planet for him to inherit.

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