Winters Edge

An anthology of historical fiction.

Wolf of Saturnalia – Saved from a deadly ambush, how will orphaned Iunia fare in the house of Rome’s master gladiator?

Vielle – Caught between shocking past and uncertain future, a troubadour sings for his professional life.

Di Paolo and Da Vinci – Fleeing from Barbary pirates, a young couple awaiting the birth of an heir run into the foremost mind of their age.

Sweet Nightingale – How will a quirky investigator in Mozart’s Vienna solve the case of an innocent-seeming maid and a load of contraband tobacco?

Bingley and Darcy – Discover hitherto unrevealed goings-on among the menfolk of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice.’

Once was Lost – On a Kansas dust-bowl farm, a lonely woman faces difficult choices.

Warm me Softly – Should Maggie fight for her New York antique shop, or yield to the seductive property developer who wants to buy her out?