Meeting Alex Tremayne changed Annie’s life. Losing him through a shocking farm accident shattered her.

Passage is the story of one woman, Annie Tremayne, and her journey through grief. After Annie loses Alex, her husband and soulmate, she withdraws into the state of solitude that has always been her refuge.

Unsure how to move forward, she leans on Blighty, her bizarre little Jack Russell terrier for comfort, wishfully encountering the spirit of her late husband and craving the dry wit and understanding of her French friend, Lisette.

Amongst the raw beauty of Tasmania’s east coast, Annie discovers stalwart friends where she thought she had none and, ever so occasionally, there are glimmers of what could be.
With the help of feisty Blighty, her husband’s earthy wisdom, and the glaring honesty and wit of Lisette, Annie begins the journey back from sorrow.

Will she reach the other side? Maybe only her diverse companions know…


Passage – "What a beautiful book about loss and grief and learning to live again…a wonderfully moving novel".

Cathy Kelly, number one bestselling author of contemporary fiction

Passage – "I loved it. It’s beautifully written…”

Maggie Christensen, author of The Good Sister and The Oregon Series