The Chronicles of Eirie: The Last Stitch


A secret story that is tragic and shocking in its scope – a story that glides along the canals of a place called Veniche where horror lurks behind the most silken masks.

A story of revenge, of friendships lost, of love and the cruel machinations of enchanted Others who share a world of breathtaking and cruel beauty.

Considered to be a cross between Neil Gaiman’s Stardust and John Crowley’s Little Big, this is dark side of the Fey, a side that gives a new meaning to the word ‘fairytale’.


The Last Stitch – "The great thing about Kindle and Amazon is that you find these gems that you possibly wouldn't see while perusing the local bookstore or local library. The author has created a world that is beautiful, frightening, very real and very different from our own world.", customer review