A voice in the ear . . .

I am trying so hard to motivate self to click on my writing file and begin to re-read as much as I have written of The Shifu Cloth.  The trouble is that I have a velvety voice in my ear right now.  He’s telling me the story of Venetia and I am hard-put to think that reading my own un-edited prose would be better.

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A blog event . . .

The idea of holding a blog event would have sounded quite odd to me twelve months ago.  That long ago I was only just coming to terms with Facebook and LinkedIn, followed by the dreaded 140 characters of Twitter.  But on the lookout for ways in which to reach a readership, I came across ‘how to make a book-trailer’ on Nathan Bransford’s blog. Of course I couldn’t on my own, because technology and I don’t speak in the same language and so my brother (who runs a production house) did it to my brief.  After that I felt ‘challenge’ biting at my heels and on reading all my favourite historical fiction blogs, came across the amaaaaazzzing vvb32 who seems to run brilliant events on a weekly basis.

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Sleep, rest and back soon!

Absolutely knackered after the Ball!  My age is showing and thus you shall have to forgive me and allow me to sleep, rest and re-gird my loins for further blogs in the future.  I shall return anon.

Thank you from the Ca’ Specchio

The Direttore stood on the podium with Sarina and Parthenope.

The Direttore . . .

Occasionally he would dab his white silk kerchief at the base of his nose and under his eyes and it was obvious to the two women that he took the wounding and subsequent disappearance of his dear friend Lucia very much to heart.  He had mentioned to his lady companions that his one hope was that by Niccolo removing Lucia to the Other world, she would have a chance to survive the deathly wound she had received in the mortal world.  ‘Leastways dearest ladies, we shall never know.  She will never come home to us.  Mortals are forbidden to return.  Ah, it is beyond cruel!’

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The Grand Finale . . .

Hugh had no notion what he would do when Percy tried to take the amulet from him; his only aim was to entice him away from the doors till someone with a better idea stepped forward. Hugh knew the amulet was unnecessary for the Book’s secret workings, as Percy obviously did not. A very tiny piece of knowledge, he thought, to hide behind. He wished he had picked up Niccolo’s sword.

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Supper is announced:

Please make your way to the Masked Ball tab and the supper sub-page.  Thank you!

Denouement – Part the First

Amid the horrified shrieks and terrified crying I saw Lucia fall, the tip of the unicorn’s horn stuck in her back, the unicorn’s head swaying bizarrely above her. Catching Niccolo’s eye, I rushed forward. Against all odds, I was prepared for this. Some prescience, some Other instinct had warned him that this night would bring disaster that could not be averted, so he had taken what precautions he could.

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