Tales from a Car Boot Sale

A selection of short stories full of mystery. All based on a seemingly normal Sunday at a car boot sale… Sunday’s will never be the same again.

Angela’s Implosion – In a changing world, stuck in her ways Angela gets dragged into the 21st century kicking and screaming…
Paul Murphy

Mombie Wars – Being a ‘soccer mum’ is never easy, add to that a bake sale and an alpha mum standoff, and you have a potential for Tupperware and terror!
Rachel Dove

Deadline – Two young men get rid of counterfeit coins at the boot sale, with tragic consequences….
Shirley Blane

Writer’s Block  Writers Block is not always what you expect it to be …. be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.
Robin Carter

Matrushka – A bookseller has her fingers in fantasy – but will she get burned?
Prue Batten

The Brooch – An antiques dealer looking for a hidden gem gets more than he bargains for when he purchases a jewellery box that links him with the past.
A.J. Armitt

The Bargain – A pair of unusual detectives scour the car boot sale for a magical artefact—but the artefact doesn’t want to make it easy for them…
Rob Wickings

The Briefcase – Sometimes when you get an unsolicited txt message you should just text ‘Stop’
Robert Brooks

Arthur’s Taste of Karma – A dose of karma is served up to thieving old toe-rag Arthur …
Paul Murphy

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