A letter from Bacigalupo to Samuel North . . .

This is the next Patricia Sweet instalment of The Masked Ball.  (Pat, Rebecca and myself are the joint authors of the official Masked Ball story)  Pat runs the studio 

To my most esteemed Friend and Mentor Samuel North or Della Nord as you are known by the Venichese, from one now calling himself Rodolfo West in Veniche: 

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Flirtations . . .

From Rebecca:    



Fan and Glove Flirtations


 Dear Vittoria,   

I write in haste to share with you a small Volume that contains information with which we should become conversant prior to the Masked Ball. It explains how to communicate with our various beaux using fans and gloves. You, in particular, dear Vittoria, will wish to ensure that Sir Unicorn is able to comprehend you! Although it has occurred to me that we shall be in quite a fix if our partners do not share our knowledge of these niceties. I attempted to ask brother Charles if he owns such a manual and his response was unhelpful and a little rude.    

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The Masked Ball by Barbara G.Tarn

We have had two entries in the Back-story competition of The Masked Ball. And I would encourage all subscribers to Mesmered and those of you who have responded to join us at The Masked Ball on May 1st, to BE BRAVE, BE FEARLESS and get your entry to me via my email address.  THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON THOUGH. You will have read Michael Keane’s entry and also Simon James Atkinson Turney’s entry and now we have a third.  Barbara is a cartoonist, screenwriter and the author of and is one of the guests to the Ball and has entered her back-story which is below.  She has also written a Part Two which will be on creativebarbwire in April and I urge all readers to visit and read the next instalment. I have a feeling that Barb is setting up a story here that will continue further than just parts one and two.

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Sir Percy unmasked . . .

‘Where is your hat?’  Percy’s hand grabbed my arm and in a none too gentle fashion, pulled me into my salon.  ‘Lucia, where is your damned hat?’ 

'Lucia, where is your damned hat . . . '

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Visconte Vincenzo Perugini di Lanuvio . . .

My friend Simon James Atkinson Turney, author of the successful Marius’s Mules and also Interregnum, has taken time out from penning his third book and looking forward to his first child in April, to take the role of a Visconte for the Ball.  I hope you enjoy this piece from SJAT:

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Hugh’s journal . . .

Rebecca has given us a fabulously enigmatic and enticing post for the continuation of The Masked Ball.  I swear that it gets more intriguing by the minute and I just hope you all realise that none of us has any idea what the other is planning.  It’s writing/flying, by the seat of your pants!    

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Housekeeping . . . urgent! An incident with fingers.

Due to an assiduous case of OCD, I have cleaned out most responses since the Ball Invitation was issued.  Could all those who replied and entered the opening competition, please let me know again so that I can re-tally the point scores . . . all that is except Nikalee and Victrix, whose responses I still have because they came after the below mentioned finger incident.

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Characters . . . escorts, heroes, villains.

Over the last couple of days, creativebarbwire has had interesting blogs on characters ( and it prompted me to think about my own approach.

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The Masked Ball masks my real job . . .

I’m finding guilt weighs heavily.  I had such plans this summer . . . to at least have written the first draft of The Shifu Cloth.  I’m 60,000 words in and finding the flow tremendously difficult and I know why.  I’ve been editing an earlier novel, writing short stories and marketing and contributing bits to the ongoing Masked Ball story.

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A lesson . . .

As I continue to write The Shifu Cloth, my share of the blog posts for The Masked Ball, the short story for The Masked Ball miniature book and the edits to Paperweights, I am finding my mind has to compartmentalise.  To be frank it isn’t easy and when I return to both Shifu Cloth and Paperweights, I find I have to read a significant amount of the previous chapters to ground myself in the flow of that particular work.  Which is probably why I choose to make the story posts I contribute here, fairly light, spoofish and V.V. short.  So here we go with my next contribution, with the help of the wicked face of Guy of Gisborne alias Niccolo de Fleury.     

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