Mapping a world . . .

Fantasy map from Wikimedia Commons.

I visited my tiny local library today and came across a giant book (one that just fitted into my bike basket), called The Map Book edited by Peter Barber.  Published in GB in 2005, it is the quintessential history of maps and their making and has the most extraordinary collection illustrated in its pages.

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Luna . . .

Chasing moonbeams from Facebook Fairy Tales

Opening WordPress yesterday, I noticed a vote on Freshly Pressed, ‘to the moon again, or not.’ I voted no because I want the moon to remain pristine, untrammelled, an enigma.  I also believe that we have so much more need for the money on our own planet. But the option to vote prompted me to think how important the moon was in A Thousand Glass Flowers.

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Nursing . . .

Hospital . . . fairy style.

No book trailer updates and no blogs for a few days, as my better half has had surgery  and needs my care and attention.

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Needle in a haystack . . .

My embroidery bag

‘When I’m not writing or tweaking my computer, I do embroidery.’  This remarkably apt quote for my life comes from Lynn Abbey, fantasy writer.  I was googling quotes today and this is the one that popped up in respect of embroidery and I figured the Fates had conspired to entice me to write on my stitching.

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Is a fictional world really better?

Found a wonderful blog today . . . (which was a meme from where she commented on three fictional worlds in which she would like to live.  Hers were exceptional as she is a historical fiction author and had steeped herself in the worlds of her research and writing.  Equally interesting were the comments, with many opting for fantasy worlds and in particular Narnia.
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Stephen Spielberg, I am not!

So here we go into the next phase of the trailer production.  How do the major movie producers do it?  The image that I have in my head is Academy quality, but of course the reality is a whole other thing.  I’ve no idea what I’m doing and can’t wait to get what I’ve done so far to my brother so that he can do the AVID thing.

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To market, to market . . .

Part of the Stream of Consciousness blog has emphasised marketing, whether it is done by the writer or for the writer by the publishing house.  With that in mind, I have decided to venture into booktrailer-dom.

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Stream of consciousness . . .

from the inimitable Fairy Tales on Facebook

I have been sitting thinking today, working through the next phase of the WIP, trying to picture just what I want to happen.  I have an outline you see, a storyboard if you will and I tend to brainstorm at the end of a writing spell, write things down in pen, maybe a para, maybe only a word, but it helps me to move on more fluidly the next day.  So I was having one of those moments and my husband disturbed me (with a glass of wine) and I told him that I had an image in my mind for tomorrow.  I then realised that the idea that I had written two extra chapters way back before I had to leave it all on Nov 20 and which I thought I had lost, was indeed a figment of my imagination.  To be sure I had thought them up, I just hadn’t written key words or paras anywhere.  In my head the two lost chapters were there as a faint image, they just weren’t on the computer.  Does that make sense? As my husband said, I forgot to press the metaphorical ‘save’ at the time.

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The ‘But’ Days . . .

There was a great blog today from a guest blogger on Nathan Bransford:

Worth reading because it lists all the excuses people use not to write.  I know I’m a victim of the ‘but’ days.  There’s too much housework, I need to do some cooking, I’m needed on the farm, or worst of all . . . I can’t be bothered today!

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Smooth as velvet . . .

A rabbit . . . possibly velvet!

It’s a great feeling when you discover blogs you really like . . . because of their illustration, the information content, facility with the words of the English language.  I felt like that with who have just begun a blog.  And today I discovered another.  Fortuitously by another writer.  He is gifted with poetic licence and I know his work from another life.  It was a delight to catch up on his blogs today and I look forward to more:

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