A unicorn tale . . .

Vittoria’s unease grew as West led Annabella off to the dance floor, but the swirl of dancers soon hid them from sight. The dance started slowly, but as the music quickened and the rhythm drove the dancers on, she grinned in spite of herself. She had almost despaired of enjoyment this night, having lost interest in the boy whose family crest had been the inspiration for her costume, but after her aunt’s sarcasm she would rather have died than admit it. Luckily, the unicorn’s horn dampened the enthusiasm of most of the men who would have liked to ask her to dance.

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New Competition

Our next competition for which we hope you have written delicious comment is Describe your Escort. Place your answers in comment on the Home Page.

Welcome to the Masked Ball . . .

Excellencies, Honoured Guests, ladies and gentlemen . . . and charming Others of course,’ the Direttore’s lips gave that curious twist that was a contained smile and so very much his signature.

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New Competition:

As the hours tick closer to the Ball and as the WordPress Other still devours our images on a daily basis and as we manually upload on a daily basis, we are subscribing to that adage: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

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In the looking glass . . .


My gown is magnificent.  It is made with the beaded white silk crêpe that Ser Niccolo gave me.  It is soft and clings seductively as I move.

 My hair is curled upon my head, leaving my neck to be viewed by all and knowing this, Ser Niccolo has sent me a collar of diamonds.  They are like a band around my neck.  If I were churlish, I would say it is like a dog-collar and that by wearing it I am giving Ser de Fleury some sort of proprietary control over me.  But I have always said I am my own woman and nothing changes.
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New competition!

My dearest guests,

On behalf of my sister co-admins, we have decided to cancel the Scavenger Hunt owing to the Others’ predilection for stealing our images constantly.  We ask that you submit whatever you have managed to glean in your journey through the drama and we shall award a Direttore’s Prize for whoever we think was the most persistent and managed to get the most from a very trying event!

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Secrets Revealed

From Rebecca.

The tapping on her window was so faint that if she hadn’t been listening for it Sarina would not have heard it. Although the term ‘listening for it’ in no way captured the anxiety and anticipation with which she had awaited Hugh’s visit. Yet, when he finally did arrive, it was unexpected. The hour had grown so late that she had given him up, retiring for the evening to read a little in an attempt to distract herself. Fortunately, she had just received from Parthenope an exquisite little book about a Masked Ball, which she was enjoying.

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Secrets, lies and . . .


Niccolo . . .


Niccolo traced a strand of my hair away from my neck as we lay in bed.  ‘You are otherwise engaged, Lucia.’  

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Can we finally say: Go!!!?

Images in the novella for the scavenger hunt are as in place as we can make them until the next time technology takes us and shakes us.  Go to the Masked Ball tab, then click on Chapter by Chapter and keep your fingers crossed and go hunting!  By the way . . . answers are coming in for the Secret Code and we are delighted with you all for having a go.

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Went to bed last night and every image to do with the Masked Ball was in place.  Wake up this morning and there are 12 missing.  Hold your competition hunts dear friends and focus on writing your entries for the rest of the programme competitions that don’t require visual searches.  P, R and myself are getting beyond frustrated I can tell you!!!!!!