Memory Lane…

I’ve just had the loveliest trip down memory lane.

Of all things, cleaning the silver.

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SoS – 7/9/19

My six are from here and there, and a bit of this and that this week.

I took most of the pics earlier in the week, knowing a fierce wet weather front was coming our way.

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A new book begins…

Yesterday, I found a nugget of research for my new 12th century novel entitled A Small Thread of Silk.

I discovered that a very special artefact was in fact 6 metres long.

So what, you may ask?

Well, in imperial measurements, that’s over 19 feet. And that extra-long measurement gives me scope.

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A messy writing week…

A messy writing week, this week.

Bad form.

The redeeming point is that I’ve been researching the new 12th century hist.fict – tongue-in-cheek titled The Book With No Name. To date, I’ve been chasing relics and worthy illuminations in French nunneries of the 12th century. And filled with theft and jealousies they are, I tell you! Religion was nothing if not a business, often a dishonest one. Just like trade. Blend the two and one might just have a novel!

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SoS 23/8/19

I haven’t done SoS for a couple of weeks as quite honestly, the garden sank into a pre-spring hiatus as our weather turned bitterly cold, windy and … wait for it … wet! We have managed to accrue some quite good falls in our area after minimal rain (what we called our Big Dry) from November. So it’s been with utter pleasure that I have watched things like tulips unfold and blossoms fill the air with their nutmeg scents in the evenings.

Today, my crocuses (Jeanne D’Arc) burst into bloom and I have posted three shots…

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Fiddling while Rome burns…

The Amazon burns and Brazil appears to take little interest in just what those 9500 fires will do to our planet. On Monday, Sao Paolo was reduced to a nightsky filled with choking smoke. I’ve just read a simple and easy to understand report on the Amazon fires from

I like that President Macron has called for the Amazon fires to be front and centre at the G7 talks this weekend but I can just imagine the outcome as each nation rushes to protect itself and its economic interests globally.

But Australia is not an innocent bystander. Our right-of-centre Prime Minister told the threatened Pacific Island Nations exactly what he felt about climate change at the Forum on Tuvalu recently.

I’m tired of complacency on this planet. I’m sick of corporate greed and governments toadying to corporations. I have a grandson now and I want a worthy planet for him to inherit.

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Critical comment…

I rarely mention reviews for any of my books. One writes the story and then kisses it on the forehead before tipping it out of the nest and that’s it. (Yes, metaphor mix-up there!)

But Passage was a step way out of my comfort-zone.

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Stop dilly-dallying.


Passage has been launched for a month now and has accrued some nice reviews on Amazon both in the UK and the USA which has made that little journey worthwhile.

But one feels a certain amount of tiredness after getting a book out there these days. In the past, I have to say I would literally start writing the next book the day after the last one was released! But not so this time…

Perhaps I’m getting old.

But more likely, me being me with a well-known track record of  dalliance and delay, I’m just shirking.

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Once upon a time there was a matchbox…

Once upon a time…

… we downsized to a small house with a tiny garden. The garden, once established, had to give us (and the dog) joy. And an escape from the city outside the gates, because we’re not city folk.

It also had to promise to care for itself for large tracts of time.

So not a lot to ask really…

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