I wonder, does life become less of an adventure or more as one ages?

Let’s face it, when we’re young, we’re strong, fearless and the world’s our oyster. As we age and our bodies require more protection than they’ve ever had, perhaps we lose that sense of adventure. Or maybe, just maybe, because we are on the downward slope (let’s be honest here), we lose our inhibitions and look for more adventure, maybe even more danger to fire up the sense of achievement and adrenalin levels.

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Roll camera, mark it…

(Above image via Pinterest from


It would be normal to then shout ‘Action’, but I’m not quite there yet. ‘Action!’ will be when Michael is available on Amazon, sometime next week.  And it’s not unlike making a movie – telling a creative and unique storyline,  revealing stunning settings, capturing nuances. Then editing, editing, editing…

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Wednesday wandering…

I’m taking a leaf out of one of my favourite blogs,

Every week, Margaret from Yorkshire has a meander round her garden and I love watching the seasons dance through the various corners of her landscape.

She does many other things as her week progresses and much of it resonates with my own interests but in this instance, I’m taking a Wednesday Wander through my city garden as I take a break from editing Michael.

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Hallooooo Possums…

Hallooooo possums!

(there may be those reading this who don’t understand the above image of glasses. Aussies will know! ; These are the infamous glasses of the equally infamous Aussie icon, Dame Edna Everidge )

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Are they me?

The first book published in my name is a book about an embroiderer.

Sigh, you say. Where’s the drama, where’s the angst.

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March is almost done?


April’s coming?  The last month of the first quarter of the year?


 I have to look back and ask: is there accomplishment in the last almost four months?


Well, yes. I’ve almost finished Michael, despite the hurdles that are being thrown my way.

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