Print Releases and Prize Offerings…

AT LAST!!!!!

Today my latest trilogy is finally in print!

But before we get to that, grab a cup of tea or coffee and read on…


For those of you in the northern hemisphere, you begin the long trek through winter, something that always looks so beautiful from where we sit in the south. Snow bedecked trees, elegant forms traced in frost in the gardens. Iced lakes, rivers and ponds, toboggans and snowmen. The romance of a white winter.

Here of course, it’s vastly different.

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Yes – it’s countdown to Christmas Day.

This is how it works for me.

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Six on Saturday 25/11

It’s actually Sunday here in Oz and it’s been an awful week weather-wise, so I despaired of having anything to offer. But then I sat and watched Netflix last night  – seasons of Big Dreams Small Spaces with Monty Don.

The Don is my hero  – his quiet honesty, his raging enthusiasm for things he loves, his faceted depths and what appears to be gentle humility. Anyway, suffice to say that when he went to Wales to help two young chaps create their vision in the worst weather – rain, more rain and wind – I thought’ Oh what the hell…’ and went out to take a few pics.

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Show me the power!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked the question ‘What is the power of fiction?’

My response was immediate.

‘Absolutely tremendous,’ I said.

‘But how?’ I was asked.

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Six on Saturday 17/11/18

Another Saturday and rather troubling at how fast they come around because it means Christmas gets closer faster, and I haven’t cooked anything yet. The garden, my writing, and being a new grandparent all get in the way.

I’ve mentioned our Matchbox garden periodically. It’s a tiny garden that enables us to retreat to peace when we have to go to the city to stay.

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How little do people care when they’re having fun?

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Six on Saturday 3/11

I missed last week’s SOS because I was doing a course – missed catching up on all the exciting links from across the globe.  I’m guessing that everyone’s gardens have changed no end as the seasons ramp up.

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Midweek Maunder…

Apparently maunder is another word for meander, meaning a leisurely walk.

I recently maundered through a friend’s garden. It’s an exuberant garden, high-spirited and vivacious with colour.

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