Six On Saturday 20/10/18

I haven’t been part of Six on Saturday for very long but it’s fairly obvious I’m growing a white garden. For many, I daresay white can be boring, but this evening, my husband and I walked in the gate from a dog-walk and the whites and ivories glowed like moonbeams. They provide their own sort of luminescence and in fact for me, it’s a kind of secretive garden at night – pearly light leading me on.

But guess what? I do have colour! Some of the plants have little backstories and it’s that which allows them to take their part in my white garden.

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It’s been a quite a day today.

One where I’ve been at liberty to get thoughts together.

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Six on Saturday…

Six on Saturday is part of a blog hop that happens with The Propagator, a garden blog I enjoy.

A full day in the garden today and where I found my six. Not always successes either…

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Matchbox gardens…

I’ve been privileged to walk through some very beautiful northern hemisphere gardens through this last northern summer via some wonderful garden blogs. It’s the kind of thing that sustains one through our own southern winter.

But we’re now well into spring. Daylight saving begins next week, and my little garden (only 3 and 3/4’s years old and which we built and grew from scratch) is starting to come into its own.

So for those who love tree and leaf, this is my garden today:

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Caveat Emptor?

I’m having a go at writing two novels simultaneously. This is the kind of thing that UK writer Simon Turney does with consummate ease and copious cups of coffee. I am not that mad on coffee and the process does make me feel a tad schizoid.

Still, there we go…

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Shelving books…

House is tiny.

It’s a small dwelling that was put together in fits and starts, bits added as the original owners decided they could afford it. It’s quaint, every room is on a different level and the rooms are small, but it is so perfectly idiosyncratic and the place just spoke to us when it was put up for sale 31 years ago by the original owner.

We renovated six  years ago and opted to remove the old wood-heater because we knew that in our old age, the last thing we wanted to be doing was carting wood and dealing with the ash, dust and mess that is a wood-burner, despite the obvious charm of flame and wood.

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Weather Girl? Really?

The other day, I was surprised to hear someone refer to me historically as ‘the weather girl’ and as it has always done, it frustrated me. That my small career on TV and radio was reduced to that description with its cliched connotations. You know the sort I mean – blonde bimbo, plastic fantastic and with no concept of how weather really works. I know – silly of me to get wangled about the term, but there you go.

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