March is almost done?


April’s coming?  The last month of the first quarter of the year?


 I have to look back and ask: is there accomplishment in the last almost four months?


Well, yes. I’ve almost finished Michael, despite the hurdles that are being thrown my way.

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One either loves it or hates it.

And I am one of those who loves gardening and to whom a man like Monty Don is a saint.

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Its Time … to Vote.

Fifteen blog posts…

… countless hours of time, a few thousands of words, days spent in tactical talks with the powerhouse of the anti-fish farm movement, weeks spent on the phone raising a fighting fund in the early days, hours spent doing leaflet drops. Even sitting with politicians, talking, talking, talking…

And for what?

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Voice of the sea…

‘The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.’

Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Life sometimes makes me anxious.

I’m sure it makes everyone anxious. But the one place I feel content, free and at peace is in, on or by the sea. I wish Mum was still alive so that I could ask her how old I was when I was introduced to the sea.

When did I learn to swim? My memories go back to a time when I could swim and dive, perhaps I was six. After that, the memories come thick and fast…

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Time marches on…




Is there anyone else who thinks this year has passed at the speed of light?

As I hugged my dog tight at midnight, trying to ameliorate the effect of fIreworks on him, I thought on my year.

Was it good? Could it be better?

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Feeding the muse…

Writing can be so demanding that it swallows one whole.

One can spend days sequestered with the doors firmly shut against the world. Even a day’s writing can leave one tired, eye-sore, with fog on the brain. We writers can look up from the computer, see family members and say, ‘Wha…, huh? Who are you?’

It’s a double life. One has mistresses, lovers, enemies and friends that no member of the family has any idea about. A secret life…I tell you, spooks and MI 6 have nothing on a writer.

So how do we anchor ourselves in reality and at the same time, fuel our creative fires? Inspired by Writers’ Unboxed, I decided I’d ask a few writer friends what they do to unwind and yet fuel their creative fires…

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Winters’ Edge…

My involvement with the beautifully crafted Winters’ Edge Anthology came late, courtesy of my friend, Paul Murphy. He and I belong to a group called Inkslingers Veterans, where anthologies are written to raise money for cancer research. (See Tales from a Carboot Sale, Historical Tales etc on Amazon)

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Bleak House, the Orkneys and Desert Island Books…

I first met Ann Swinfen a few years ago.

I had been an indie author for some four years and she had been a mainstream author but was considering the indie path and she contacted me for advice and information. Since then she has scorched a path with frequent releases in print and e-pub and recently began to tread the path of audiobooks. She is an elegant writer, knowledgable of her field and now has a dedicated following. I asked Ann to cast herself away and let us know what she would read whilst so isolated…

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