Once upon a different place in time, the town of Triabunna lived and breathed an industry that clear-felled our native forests. The highways would thrum from before dawn till dusk with semi-trailers and B-doubles bringing their loads of huge specimens to be processed into woodchips and shipped to Japan and the island became split apart by those who supported the industry and those who wanted are more sustainable future. Aggression ran high in many towns across the state. In fact, the creation of the world’s first environmental political party began in Tasmania at this time and the Greens were born.

Japanese ships would arrive and pump their bilge into our bays and from them, we acquired unwanted marine pests like sea stars, weed and a voracious sea urchin. And yet the government paid no attention because the woodchips floated Tasmania.

But then a hole exploded in the market and places like Brazil began to market trees far more cheaply to the pulp industry and Tasmania’s market collapsed.

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Who cares about grandparents!

This post came out of a discussion on Facebook about Harry Wales ‘apparently’ (according to the media), avoiding a further discussion with his grandmother, the Queen, before delivering his statement on his family’s future.

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“ “20/20” means “perfect vision”. Eye doctors measure people’s vision using two numbers. If the first number is low, your vision is good. If it’s high, you aren’t able to see well…”

 So let’s take that a step further to envision what 2020 AD could be like with 20/20 vision.

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My Christmas-ish newletter-ish blogpost!

Ah, that time of sparkle and glitter.

But do I mean summer or Christmas?


It’s summer for me because here in Australia, summer means family, friends and fun for 3 or 4 months. Christmas is just another day in our summer as mentioned in a previous blog post on why I love summer more than Christmas.

This year of course, we celebrate with our little 17 month old grandson who, whilst still not understanding what it’s all about, will certainly understand presents and toys.

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Last Christmas, I gave my husband a gift voucher for a helicopter flight over some of Tasmania’s iconic coastline. Digging around in the letter holder last week, I found the voucher and was horrified to find that the quite expensive tickets were expiring on 27th December, so it became rather urgent to use the voucher if we didn’t want the money to go down the gurgler.

And of course, husband being the wonderful man he is, wanted me to join him.

‘Great,’ I sighed. ‘Triffic…’

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My year of reading…

I’m the slowest reader ever.

I never was.

Once I would devour a book a week. But now I write and do many other things besides, and by bedtime, my only fiction reading time, I can manage a few pages if I’m lucky. It’s probably why I thank Matthew Harffy for setting me on the path of audiobooks after my first of three eye operations this year.

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SoS – 13/12/19

Not many words in this frantic ‘before Christmas’ post.

The little Aussie Matchbox blooms amazingly when we go to the city. When we are on the coast though, it’s a constant effort to keep things fresh and exciting in the middle of the ongoing Big Dry (to which I’ll add the word – windy!).

So my six are all those I’ve shared the previous summer – only this year, they’re one year older and showing just how stunning they can be in my white garden.

The strange and ghostly white clematis with the mauve tinge and green stripes is completely unknown. I just remember I liked it in the catalogue. It’s LOVELY on the fence.

And so’s the pom-pom green one. But actually, so’s every other clematis I have – and surprise, surprise, all whites. All eleven of them!

Just for some variation closer to the ground, I do love the pulmonaria (which flowers white) and the dicentra (I have two different varieties of white flowers).

I do apologise for the lack of names but I’m away currently on the coast and my botanical list is in the city. I’m trying to pluck names from a pre-Christmas head chock full of non-essentials. In any case, I’m sure the informed amongst you know exactly what each plant is!

To see how gardens are progressing in the northern hemisphere, do click on the link and go to The Propagator’s SoS. It may prove a gentle way to spend a weekend!

Christmas vs. Summer…

As we approach Christmas, I tried to explain to a friend today why Christmas is a secondary thing for our family. That summer is actually the extraordinary and much anticipated time of the year. I think I failed to make any impression at all! So I’ll try and explain here …

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