Truth and fiction…

Inevitably, with contemporary fiction, parallels are drawn between the circumstances in the novel and an author’s own life.

Cathy Kelly, one of the world’s most successful women’s fiction writers, (and who very kindly wrote a superb endorsement for Passage) said: ‘Everyone assumes that if you write contemporary fiction, it is about yourself…’

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96 hours to publication!


Ninety six hours – if you live in the southern hemisphere. Twenty four hours longer if you’re in the wonderful summery northern hemisphere.

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Grand Day Out…

A day away, wandering the stone buildings and history of Oatlands. A freezing day, a winter’s day, but a grand day out nevertheless.

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Fabulous endorsement…

I was honoured to receive a tremendous endorsement for Passage this week from the highly successful, best-selling international writer Cathy Kelly, doyen of contemporary women’s fiction.

 “What a beautiful book about loss and grief and learning to live again…”

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SOS – 1/6/19

 The first day of winter!

This year is absolutely flying and still we haven’t had meaningful rain. The domestic water catchment is right down and the village’s streets and public areas are dusty and sad.

We’ve been away for 10 days and our big garden and the coastal surrounds look terrible. Worse is that the garden and lawns are covered in a fallen leaf mulch. The mulch would be good if I could get the soil deeply wet first of all. But it’s not to be.  We do what we can though – hand water and blood and bone fertiliser.

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Want to read a newsletter?

This post is a longer one than normal. Rather like a newsletter, if you like.

So pull up a chair, make a cuppa and grab that piece of chocolate cake.

Let’s go!

Passage’s launch approaches fast.

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High End?

Remember the first time you watched a James Bond movie, then the second and third times and you began to realise that he liked Aston Martins. He also like a Vodka Martini ‘shaken not stirred’. He also drank anything from Bolly to La Fitte and liked a million other brands.

And there’s the crux of it – brands.

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Displacement therapy?

I don’t like sitting around on my backside that much.

Which makes sitting doing editing and read-throughs damned hard.

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SoS – 27/4/19

I haven’t uploaded for awhile, what with having my first cataract operated on and Easter etc, and I’m being very naughty and shoving a couple of extra images on board.

It’s incredibly dry here – no truly meaningful rain since last year. As I sit, I listen to a rabid west wind and the swishing of the sprinklers on the borders, desperately trying to moisten ground that hasn’t been touched by the gardener for over 14 days.

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