High End?

Remember the first time you watched a James Bond movie, then the second and third times and you began to realise that he liked Aston Martins. He also like a Vodka Martini ‘shaken not stirred’. He also drank anything from Bolly to La Fitte and liked a million other brands.

And there’s the crux of it – brands.

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Displacement therapy?

I don’t like sitting around on my backside that much.

Which makes sitting doing editing and read-throughs damned hard.

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SoS – 27/4/19

I haven’t uploaded for awhile, what with having my first cataract operated on and Easter etc, and I’m being very naughty and shoving a couple of extra images on board.

It’s incredibly dry here – no truly meaningful rain since last year. As I sit, I listen to a rabid west wind and the swishing of the sprinklers on the borders, desperately trying to moisten ground that hasn’t been touched by the gardener for over 14 days.

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Moving forward…

I’m in a kind of hiatus currently. In between edits of Passage and moving on to a collaborative novel between myself and highly popular and successful hybrid author, Simon Turney. But more about that shortly.

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What do my characters look like?

I’m well known for scanning the internet for interesting faces for my novels. I then scour that face for expression and detail.

If it’s an actor, I’ll seek out a couple of Youtube clips/movies/TV appearances and watch their movement, the way they express themselves, the way they vocalise.

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SoS 30/3/19

This is my favourite part of the year in terms of garden work.

Autumn is energetic, with lots of cutting back, raking leaves, planting bulbs, feeding, watching for growth, and a really subtle feeling of faith and hope – the knowledge that the seasons keep spinning into perpetuity.

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Canine quirks…


Passage is nearly finished.

I’ve worn my fingertips to the bone as they danced like dervishes across the keyboard.

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