Marooned with wit and a book on sandcastles!

I was honestly wondering how long it would take any of my Desert Island castaways to include a book on building sandcastles and/or boats amongst their lists. Naturally, it took an Australian to do it!

Colin Falconer is a writer of the most excellent and fast-paced historical fiction which is how I met him. And I just had to invite him to join the Castaways Club. Apart from anything else, I wondered if his response would be as sharp and witty as his blog. 

The beach is yours, Colin!

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Floating my boat…

I was part of history today.

Not just me either, but 1000 shore-based protesters and more than a thousand sea-based individuals and at least 300+ vessels – protesting against fish farms in shallow coastal waters and against Tassal’s plan to farm our beautiful east coast.

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Transparent as Mud…

Like many rate payers in the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council (GSBC) area, I am at a loss to understand State Government and GSBC lack of transparency over so much of Tassal’s expansion onto the east coast. The first I heard of it was a casual comment by an acquaintance late in the 2015. By early 2016, a groundswell of concern had begun with the creation of a pressure group called Marine Protection Tasmania (MPT). That group, under the energetic direction of Wilhelmina Rea, has fought tirelessly for answers as to why it could be considered acceptable on any level, that an industrial fish farm be allowed to enter our iconic coastal waters.

MPT has managed to uncover much that is rotten in the industry and whilst the media has proved instrumental in getting that message out, at no point has government at any level, or Tassal, the company concerned, really engaged in depth and face to face with concerned ratepayers. In my view, it has been token consultation showing no sign of really listening.

Today, after hearing our Minister for Primary Industry, Jeremy Rockcliff claim on ABC Radio (14th June, Leon Compton Mornings) that he has listened to and engaged with the community, I decided I was tired of the empty and tiresome political rhetoric.

He has not listened.

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Desert Island Books rides the range…

I would like to have opened this segment with a review of Matthew Harffy’s latest book in The Bernicia ChroniclesKiller of Kings. But it sits waiting on my Kindle for me to finish my current reading. I have no doubt it will maintain Matthew’s reputation as a compelling writer of Seventh Century Britain. Matthew’s hero, Beobrand, has quite taken over from Cornwell’s Uhtred of Bebbanburg for me. Beobrand has such dimension and depth and wondering what influences Matthew may have had in the creation of such a well-rounded character, it’s intriguing to see where Matthew’s interests lie as he is marooned far from home on a Desert Island. I heard that westerns may make an appearance. Westerns? Matthew?

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Inconvenient Truth/s…

As Glamorgan SpringBay Council and the Tasmanian Government and Opposition continue to abrogate their responsibilities to LYONS voters, I spent some time today researching some very inconvenient truths’.

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Counselling the Council…

To the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors,

I realise that you are required to consider these applications in terms of Planning legislation, however I argue that you must also take a wider perspective on Tassal’s plan for the East Coast.  That view should be more than jobs, but also public amenity, security of other industries such as tourism and Tassal’s lack of social licence for their plan.  
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Desert Island Books goes Gallic…and Roman…

As any who like hist.fict know, Alison Morton is something of an icon. As well as being a vociferous supporter of both indie and mainstream writers, she has rather succinctly re-written the genre with her Roma Nova series.  I managed to pin her down (and that’s no easy task, I can tell you) as she flies around marketing her latest release in the above series, Retalio, to ask her what books she would take with her from her home in France, if she were a castaway! 

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After a busy week in the Big Smoke, I’m so glad it is Friday…

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Fake News? Or Real News…

This year is flying and sometimes I just want to grab it and say slow down. Other times, I grab it by the shirt tails and hold on for my life!

Thankfully, writing is not just sitting in draughty garrets with guttering candles and quills worn to stubs and ideas fluttering to the floor like so much rubbish.

Good things come one’s way…

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